Menjadi Front-End Web Developer Expert

  • Implemented Accessibility support to the website suchas Skip to Content, Proper Heading and landmarks, Focusable element, Alternative text and affordance & semantics
  • PWA, SPA, offline support with Workbox and add favorite (Like content to Save data) feature to the website using indexedDB promise
  • Implemented testing with Karma & Jasmine
  • Optimized the website with Image Optimization, Lazy load and Code Splitting with Webpack

Membangun Progressive Web Apps

  • Understanding Service Workers work under the hood
  • Implemented Progressive Web Apps both with Vanilla JS & with Workbox
  • Implemented Web Push Notification with Firebase
  • Create final submission web with criteria of PWA (apps shell, offline capability, push notification, dan installable web apps.)

Winning Yarsi's Web Design

Team Based
  • Create a website with the theme of "National Education"
  • Built with Vue, Tailwind, and some fantastic library